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The following is an excerpt from an actual Personal Marketing Recommendation conducted for one of our clients in the financial planning industry:

Q#3) Since 2008? When things get tough it is even MORE important to get in front of your clients to show them you appreciate them, even if it is at a lesser setting than you have done them at previously. ATTRITION kills more businesses than anything else. You MUST fight this, and client events are the way to do so. In fact, when times are tough, your clients would EXPECT that you still hold an event minimally once a year, but that it IS more toned-down. Hold at least one CLIENT ONLY event per year as a totally social event-NO DISCUSSION OF BUSINESS, which should be in JUNE, JULY, OR AUGUST. ABSOLUTELY NOT IN DECEMBER! Additionally, you should hold a second one that is not entirely social, which should be in January. (I will be happy to explain these in more detail via a phone call.)

 Q#4) We do NOT recommend these—oil and vinegar don’t mix.

Q#5) You answered 3-11. The last 1.5 to 2 years has been challenging for most Advisors, and naturally, many have NOT proceeded with seminar marketing during this timeframe. However, those Advisors that have and who were doing them correctly continued to generate leads, although many prospects were not ready to do anything yet. This DOES provide a warm prospect database that can and should be marketed to so that WHEN they are ready to move forward it will be with you! With the exception of about 2 months last year (March and April when the Markets bottomed out), the rest of the year was good! Since 8-2008, my clients averaged a 1.6% response rate with a high of 3.3% (May) for 2009. This is even better when you consider that 90% of my clients target high net worth affluent prospects. REMEMBER, there are no bad months to do seminars in, only bad times of the months. With the exception of those 2 months last year, this has not changed in the 13 years I have been consulting on seminar marketing.”