S4M Partner Program

Our Partner Programs are for Field Marketing Organizations (F.M.O.S) and Insurance Marketing Organizations (I.M.O.S). S4 Marketers will customize a plan for your individual needs and goals that will best represent your Organization to your Advisors. We encourage your Organization to have us market directly to your list of Advisors, with your blessing and endorsement, to fully nurture what S4 Marketers develops for you both. We have found this to be the best approach, as it allows S4 Marketers to be pro-active in helping your Advisors to plan, implement, and execute their marketing dollars. S4 Marketers helps get them the best results, which in turn shines a positive light on what your Organization is bringing to them.

Our Program offers:

Expert Consulting – S4 Marketers’ Consultants have numerous years of experience and success in specializing in YOUR industry. This means that whether you are doing seminar marketing or a lead generation campaign, you will have an expert to speak with who can guide you down the path to success!

Customer Service – At S4M our Client Services Department consists of experienced direct marketing experts. Their expertise relates to the custom design and features of the direct mail piece, as it relates to the U.S.P.S. and its function in the mail process.

List Search & Acquisition – S4M works with a number of list companies and is able to provide virtually any type of list from prospects to agents and anything in between. ALL lists are the absolute freshest data to add value and results and are NOT purchased as one-year rentals which degrade at an average of 7% a month.

Concept & Design – At S4M, we do not expect the Advisor to develop his or her own piece, whether it is for lead generation, seminars, or for recruiting. We help custom design the piece with and for them, until we BOTH like it. In the design process, we strive for cohesiveness and coherence using your specific brand with our goal of adding credibility to the overall look of the piece.

Products – S4M promotes and provides for our clients Full Color Custom Designed Pieces that are usually the same or less cost than other companies’ pre-designed “shells.” Additional products for Advisors include Personal Marketing Recommendations (PMR), which provide a specific marketing plan for each Advisor, multi-media advertising (banner ads), print ad placement & design, radio/TV/Cable ads, Ad Wraps mobile marketing, banners, and billboards.

Production –  Because S4M is a consulting firm with numerous vendors in place, we only use the most up-to-date printing facilities with the best product at the most economical price. Everything that goes into producing your lead generation, seminars, or recruiting campaign is a high-tech process that our vendors have mastered.

Deliverability – S4M has negotiated with our vendors to use drop-shipping for most mailings to ensure tracking ability. Deliverability of products and services other than direct mail is closely monitored to meet your specific marketing deadlines.

Telephony Services – We are able to offer a wide variety of telephony services including reservation taking, reminder and confirmation calls, in-bound lead generation answering service, and live-call forwarding.

Event Planning, Speakers, Sales Training – S4M believes in taking our message and sharing our knowledge and consulting expertise to help our clients. This is why we offer exclusive event planning services to facilitate the implementation of each of your recruitment and/or seminar events.  In addition, we can offer you Guest Speakers who are available for Live Events, Webinars, Tele-Conferences, and other events.  For more in depth knowledge, we will work with each organization to specifically develop a Professional Sales Training, online training, and/or Mentoring Program.

Additional Services – Creative, graphic design, and copywriting services are available per client request with each project. If your organization is in need of a new or revamped website or landing page, we can develop one that will match your corporate mission and brand. Hosting, SEO/SEM implementation is also available. If  you haven’t used text(mobile) messaging, but think it is an important medium to use to stay in touch with clients, employees, and/or prospects, we now offer Mobile Media solutions. We understand that every marketing campaign has specific goals and we want to partner with you to meet your expectations no matter what form of marketing medium we employ.