Business & Consumer Funding Solutions

Need Funds Now for Your Business?


We offer a business funding solution to small business owners who have difficulty qualifying for conventional bank loans because of insufficient credit or collateral.  Unlike a loan, there are no interest rates, hidden fees, fixed payback schedules, closing costs, or personal guarantees. The money is used at your discretion – most of our clients use it for the purchase of new equipment or inventory, expansion, renovation, or managing unexpected expenses.

High Rate of Approval ~ Little Documentation Needed ~ Speed of Approval ~ Flexible Payback Terms

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Are You Aware of the Durbin Amendment?

Geared towards small businesses, as of October 1, 2011 the Durbin Amendment became affective by the Federal Reserve. Merchants are now benefiting from the lower rates associated with their customer debit card purchases as established by the Federal Reserve.  With each debit card swipe, merchants are now paying up to half the amount of fees to banks for each of their customer’s debit card swipes.
Banks that were once collecting fees as high as 44 cents for each swipe must now cap their fees at a much lower level. This cap has cut the banks’ revenue from swipe fees in half.  As a result merchants are saving more money. This is good news for businesses that offer the convenience of debit card transactions for their customers. Each time a customer swipes a debit card, merchants pay less to the banks.

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What If You Could Offer Your Customers a Finance Option That DOES NOT Require a CREDIT CHECK?


To further increase your business, we offer a consumer based financing option based on a multi-pay conversion program that allows the customer a 90 day payment option.  This means that the customer can take the product or service TODAY, and have up to 90 days to pay for it. What better way to keep more sales?  No more turning away of customers who are unable to afford your product or service.

The best part? Qualification is based on income!

  • Compliant transactions are guaranteed!
  • A patented process!
  • Accept or decline any sale you want!
  • Most major credit card terminals are supported!
  • Fast Approval!

You, the business owner can have up to $1,000.00 transferred to your bank account as the first credit! For more information, e-mail or call 727-781-3300.