What makes S4 Marketers different? We are Consultants, not vendors.

The National Marketing Consultants at S4 Marketers work with our clients to ensure a cohesive, branded, professional image that will exude their level of expertise through ALL of their seminar marketing and other advertising efforts.

S4 Marketers is NOT a vendor — we do not print mail, design ads, do radio or TV spots, send e-mail blasts, do S.E.O.,  do Billboard ads, provide creative services, etc.

Instead we discuss your goals and design a marketing plan or campaign that is suited to your needs and budget. Then we’ll breathe new life into your marketing efforts through our expansive network of trusted vendors. That’s right, we take care of everything from creative services and printing to mailing lists and e-mail marketing. Whether you need a direct mail piece, seminar marketing campaign or would love to get better results from you search engine marketing, consider us your personal marketing company and one-stop-shop for all your advertising needs.

With RESULTS being our top priority S4 Marketers consults with our clients in a variety of areas all related to their marketing and advertising goals. We help our clients invest their marketing dollars in the best possible way with value and results being the main goal, while providing expertise, direction, and experience BEFORE a campaign is launched. A Marketing Plan that is customized, not a template, and at no additional cost!

We specialize in:

  • Creative Services/Graphic Design/Copywriting (see below for Design Services Pricing and Availability)
  • Seminar Marketing
  • Direct Mail
  • Recruiting Events and Mailers
  • Certified Event Planning
  • Guest Speaker Services
  • Mobile Media Solutions
  • Ad Wraps/Banners/Billboards
  • Print Ad Placement Design
  • Lead Generation
  • Internet Marketing: S.E.O./SEM Implementation Programs
  • Consumer and Business Lists (separately or with a mailing)
  • Telephony and E-mail Marketing
  • Complete turn-key solutions with ALL forms of media available through one expert source- your S4M National Marketing Consultant.

While S4 Marketers mainly works within the financial services industry, including insurance, mortgage, brokerage, and healthcare industries, We apply our strategies and advice for ALL industries looking to improve their overall results, image, and marketing effectiveness. We offer solutions in ALL areas of Advertising and Marketing, as well as ancillary services such as Telephony, List Vendors, Print Ads, Billboards, S.E.M. (Search Engine Marketing), Internet Marketing Campaigns, Creative Services, and more.


S4 Marketers offers a wide variety of telephony services including the following:

  • Inbound calls: For taking Reservations, Answering Services, Inquiries
  • Outbound Calls; For Confirmation Calls, Appointment Setting, Lead Generation

These services vary in scope, pricing, and effectiveness. BEFORE you implement any of these with ANY telephony service, get the expert advice you deserve by speaking with a S4 MARKETERS NATIONAL MARKETING CONSULTANT today!

In short, ANYTHING related to the Marketing and Advertising fields is available to you through S4 MARKETERS, INC.

The P.M.R. Program  was created to give all business owners, small or large, the ability to have a comprehensive review of their past, present, and future marketing plans and results as viewed from a non-biased, third party perspective. This ensures honesty of thought, and whether the company is using an in-house marketing department or is outsourcing their marketing, The P.M.R. Program  provides a unique, industry specific Survey to business owners to complete, which after it is sent back, it is analyzed, reviewed, and from which a PERSONAL MARKETING RECOMMENDATION (P.M.R.) is created. It is then sent to the client for their review. It is completely up to the client if they choose to implement the Recommendations.

The P.M.R. Program  uses over 40 years of SALES, MARKETING, ADVERTISING, FACE TO FACE SELLING, TELEMARKETING, E-MARKETING, SEMINAR MARKETING, WORKSHOPS, RECRUITING, and virtually all aspects of what is entailed for a business to be successful with their marketing and advertising to evaluate, diagnose, analyze and review the survey answers before creating the P.M.R.

The P.M.R. Program is entirely unique in its design and scope. It solely focuses on the Marketing and Advertising aspects of businesses and is priced at an affordable rate so that ANY business owner can take advantage of the expert knowledge of our staff. P.M.R.’s run from $125.00 to $550.00 depending on the business, as some businesses will have a larger number of questions necessary to properly acquire the data as well as a more thorough analysis being necessary, which leads to a more in-depth P.M.R.

CALL and speak to an CONSULTANT TODAY to order your P.M.R.!


What is an M.S.S?

M.S.S. is an acronym for MARKETING STATUS SURVEY. This survey is specific to a client’s marketing and advertising efforts, including their types of advertising, marketing, budget, results, response rates, client acquisition, and much more. The M.S.S. can be 15 to 30 questions long and often have sub-set questions depending on the specific industry.

For the financial and insurance industries including insurance, brokerage and investment firms, as well as the health care, and mortgage industries, this survey is called an AMSS, with the “A” standing for “ADVISOR” The AMSS is the most thorough and has the most questions and is specifically designed for these industries, and is still custom-designed, with one survey for the Insurance, Investment and Brokerage industries, another for the Health care industry, and another for the Mortgage industries. The M.S.S. are designed for the services industries such as the Trades, including Plumbers, Electricians, Landscape, HVAC, and virtually any business model.

What is a P.M.R.?

A PERSONAL MARKETING RECOMMENDATION (PMR) is presented after analyzing the answers submitted on the M.S.S. The P.M.R. is typically a five to ten page recommendation created after the M.S.S. is analyzed and reviewed by our top marketing experts who will develop a unique profile based on the answers submitted.with specific steps and recommendations outlining an immediate action plan, as well as a long term strategy, to ensure the best marketing strategy is tuned to the company’s specific production goals established by their business plan.

The P.M.R. addresses EACH question that was asked on the M.S.S. After the P.M.R. is completed and sent to the client, a National Marketing Consultant reviews the P.M.R. with the client and works with each of our clients on a professional level to deliver a personalized marketing recommendation to suit their business structure, while maximizing return on their marketing investment.

Creative Services Design Pricing and Availability:


QUANTITIES: 500 1000 2500 5000 10000
8.5” X 11” STD.
8.5” X 14” LEGAL
11” X 17” JUMBO




Double Business Cards:


1/16 Page

1/8 Page:

1/4 Page:

1/3 Page:

1/2 Page:

Full Page:


4.25” x 6.25”

5.5” x 7.5”

6” x 11”


8.5” X 11”

8.5” x 14”

11” X 17”

17” X 22”


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