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S4 MARKETERS offers both consumer and business lists from a variety of trusted partners. Our consumer lists are acquired through the largest national list compiler in the U.S.A. — with over 109 million households available in a variety of selects, sorts, and quantities.

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What is a compiler?

A compiler gathers their OWN data—unlike Aggregators that buy data from a number of companies and then merge them into one giant blend of redundant information. AGGRAGATORS are more commonly referred to as resellers-whose names you are more likely familiar with.

COMPILERS provide a cleaner list that is more accurate, more uo to date, and have a higher deliverability rate and that’s why S4 Marketers ONLY uses COMPILERS for our consumer lists.

S4 Marketers’ standard consumer lists include these selections: EXACT AGE, NAME, ADDRESS, AND ZIP CODE. Exact Age means that the record will be within 2 years of the exact age of the prospect. EXAMPLE: If the record states a prospect is 65, they will either be 64, 65, or 66. S4M also sends the list to our clients with this data showing PER RECORD, so you will know EVERY record’s specifics. The list is e-mailed directly to our clients. There are also numerous selects that are no additional charge, as well as others that require an additional fee.

S4 Marketers’ business lists come from a wide variety of sources to ensure that nearly any request from our clients can be met. S4 Marketers then selects the best source for our clients, not just the lowest price. Since S4 Marketers has multiple sources to select from, this ensure BEST MATCH AND BEST PRICE SCENARIOS for our clients!

S4 Marketers’ LIST ORDERS start as low as $275.00. ALL lists have been NCOA approved and are ready to mail. Telephony and E-MAIL lists are also available, and some restrictions and/or requirements may apply.

S4 Marketers CLIENT DISCOUNTS are automatically applied after your first list purchase, or if you are already an S4 Marketers CLIENT, having purchased products or services previously from S4 Marketers.


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