While S4M offers our clients the opportunity to use ALL the resources available to them through S4M, direct mail marketing is still the #1 recommended, used, and results driven vehicle our clients prefer.  Direct mail is a form of targeted direct marketing, not just advertising.  In most cases, other advertising mediums are best used to supporting the “big picture” campaigns as best evidenced by the fact that your major corporations are the largest spenders in these areas.   Marketing and advertising support your branding, client acquisitions, and retention efforts, and customer satisfaction.

From small to large campaigns, direct mail marketing is an effective, image and brand building tool that can be done quickly, effectively, and inexpensively to reach a desired goal, or to blanket the entire country relative to your budget. Only when working with expert consultants can you be shown which is best for your individual and specific campaigns.

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S4M’S PROSPECT LISTS can be used to target consumers and/or businesses and come from a wide variety of sources to ensure that nearly any request from our clients can be met. S4M then selects the best source for our clients, not just the lowest price. Since S4M has multiple sources to select from, this ensure BEST MATCH AND BEST PRICE SCENARIOS for our clients!

S4M’s LIST ORDERS start as low as $275.00 regardless of quantity. ALL lists have been NCOA approved and are ready to mail. Telephony and E-MAIL lists are also available, and some restrictions and/or requirements may apply.

S4M CLIENT DISCOUNTS are automatically applied after your first list purchase, or if you are already an S4M CLIENT, having purchased products or services previously from S4M.

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Additional Advertising and Marketing Products:

In addition to targeted direct mail campaigns, we offer our clients, Ad Wraps, Online Banner Ads, Mobile (Text Messaging) Marketing, Outdoor Billboards, Radio, Television, SEO/SEM Implementation Programs, Print Ad Placement, Website development, and Consumer Couponing.  We will work with you to devise and implement an advertising and marketing program that aligns with your company goals.