About Us

S4 MARKETERS, LLC. was founded by Mark T. Kaspar, a veteran Salesperson, Manager, Seminar Marketing Consultant, Presenter and Speaker with 40 years experience in a variety and at all levels of industries, such as financial, insurance, brokerage and investment firms, healthcare, mortgage, real estate, and automotive.

S4 MARKETERS, LLC. is a Specialty Consulting Firm in the Direct Marketing and Advertising Industries with our goal being to bring a higher level of advice and consultative services to our clients to increase their results.   Areas of expertise include Seminar Marketing, Recruitment and Event Marketing, Lead Generation, E-mail Marketing, Telephony, and Prospect Lists.  S4 Marketers does not take a fee for services, as we earn our revenue from the numerous vendors we place our client’s business through, based on what both we and our clients determine will be the best path to success. S4 Marketers was founded on three principals: The first is to bring the highest level of consulting to everything we do for our clients with an expert group of consultants, all former business owners. The second is to provide the highest level of client communication and service from all of S4 Marketers’staff. The third is to do so at zero additional cost to our clients, meaning, we do not charge separately for our consulting services-before, during, or after a campaign has been implemented.

Mark’s desire is to replace the “dart-board advertising” methods that almost all firms, small or large, typically apply, in order to unify their message, brand, campaigns, and with the sole purpose of increasing their results.


Mark T. Kaspar has enjoyed a 40 year working career-in progress! He has worked in numerous industries and sectors and occupations. Everyone has to start somewhere, and for Mark it was selling door to door from age 4, offering greeting cards, seeds, and candy to earn prizes from a catalogue. He was immediately hooked on selling! At 15, his first real job was as a dishwasher, then working for SEARS ROEBUCK & COMPANY, which is where both his parents were top national salespeople in their respective fields. It was only natural that Mark moved into sales. Long before the term “consultative sales” was common, Mark was already employing it. Mark enjoyed success in the clothing, music, automotive, computer software, health insurance, venture capital, direct mail, marketing, advertising, and consulting industries over the next 35 years. Prior to this, Mark, also since age 4, who comes from musical families on both sides, had enjoyed numerous roles in theater, musical theater, solo, group, and ensemble singing, and plays 7 instruments having appeared on records and TV. He eventually taught himself piano and organ, which he enjoys playing most and which led into songwriting and as a lyricist, talents also enjoyed by his younger brother Marty. Mark’s love of performing would serve him well having won a number of national walk-around sales presentation victories at local, district, and regional levels while in the automotive industry for 11 years in Chicago and Clearwater, FL.,

Mark was born in Chicago and lived in various suburbs for 36 years prior to moving to the Clearwater, Fl. area in 1993. Mark went to two high schools and graduated from Wheeling High School, Wheeling, IL. Mark became a professional student taking courses at Illinois Wesleyan University, Western Illinois University, and Harper College, all in Illinois. Mark majored in English and Theater with a Vocal Music minor. Mark has taken numerous sales training, management training, self-improvement, and other courses over the years and is always learning. He has held the Health Insurance license in Florida. Mark has created three seminar marketing programs, as well as lead generation and recruiting programs, and is the founder and writer of I.M.A.G.E.S.’ REFLECTIONS NEWSLETTER.

Mark’s Professional Affiliations include; American Advertising Federation (AAF)The American Writers and Illustrators (A.W.A.I.), The National Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Compliance Network (NADA-ACN) and the Clearwater Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Mark is a natural Speaker and Presenter who has given numerous seminar presentations to both consumers and business owners for many years. Having worked as a Manager as early as age 18, Mark had an early desire to take control and oversee the businesses he worked in, and held Sales Manager, Business Manager, and General Sales Manager positions with several firms. With a telemarketing background in several industries, Mark also became proficient at script writing and copy writing, and also as a sales trainer, and worked best as a selling Sales Manager. Mark enjoyed success as both a manager and as a top salesman, while also being able to teach selling- a true triple-threat!

Since 1997, Mark has worked in the direct mail marketing and advertising industries as a Consultant, Classification Specialist, Copy Writer, National Marketing Consultant, National Sales Manager, and National Seminar Director with some of the top firms in these industries. While learning, innovating, and implementing new concepts that helped drive additional revenue to these companies, Mark still saw an overwhelming need for a more consultative approach that would truly allow the individual client to custom tailor their marketing and advertising to their desired branding and image without working under the confines of pre-determined templates, shells, and overworked, overused, years-old products. This led to Mark founding and opening S4 MARKETERS, LLC in 2011. At S4 Marketers. Mark subsequently has added the SVS (Strategic View Surveys) Division, and opened SELLebrities 4 MARKeters, which focuses on getting clients invited to high-end social charity events and works with THE FRIARS CLUB in New York on these and other events. Mark’s team emulates his desire to bring a custom fit approach to all of S4 Marketers’ clients, regardless of size or marketing budget, with simplicity and results as the two main goals.

Mark’s motto is; “INSPECT WHAT YOU EXPECT”, and brings that to everything he does.

Mark, his wife Susan and their two children Marielle and Mason reside in Palm Harbor, FL. Mark and Mason both enjoy the piano and baseball, and along with Susan and Marielle love to travel both locally and nationally.